Sidebar With Rachel Baime, Esq.: An Interview With an Exceptional Leasing Attorney

Bernkopf Goodman real estate attorney Eric Allon

Eric is a partner at Bernkopf Goodman, lecturer and author of numerous articles and LinkedIn commentaries. For years, he has provided an interesting perspective on innovation and trends affecting the real estate industry. He is being recognized in New York City this month as a leading commercial real estate influencer by Globe Street Real Estate Forum.

I sat down with Eric for my new interview series, “Sidebar,” where he chatted about being a Director at the Cambridge Community Center Child Care Program (Patrick Ewing played pick-up basketball games in its gym), his favorite beach to unwind, some of his most memorable lease negotiations including his work on behalf of Clarks Americas for its Americas headquarters on Route 128, and a few thoughts concerning the future of Boston real estate.

Listen to episode 1 of “Sidebar” here.

For further insight into the life and times of Eric Allon, see Eric’s bio with links to various articles and podcasts on Bernkopf Goodman’s website at

About ‘Sidebar’

“Sidebar” is an audio interview series hosted by Rachel Baime, a commercial real estate attorney at Bernkopf Goodman.


Podcast: Diving In With DiningIn Founder Michael Hackel

If you lived in the Greater Boston area from 1987-2015, you’re probably familiar with food delivery company

The company was a pioneer in the food delivery industry and it became a nationally recognized brand, starting in Boston, then expanding to Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia and the Twin Cities. The company’s growth peaked when founder Michael Hackel sold to food delivery behemoth Grubhub in 2015 as part of a deal worth a reported $80 million.

On this episode, we tell the story of how Hackel went from an unsure Boston kid to a successful entrepreneur. We also hear about what obstacles he faced on the way to selling his business and how he’s spending his time off now. We also talk with Hackel’s attorney and advisor, Bernkopf Goodman’s Todd Goldberg.

Listen to the podcast here: Breaking Ground: Diving In With DiningIn Founder Michael Hackel

Michael Hackel stands with his family (Harris, Rose and wife Danielle) along with Chicago Cubs President of Operations Theo Epstein after the Cubs won the World Series in 2016 — more than a year after Hackel sold to Grubhub. (Photo Provided)

Breaking Ground Briefs: Richard Michaud, Mandolin Lawyer

When Bernkopf Goodman first came up with the idea for its podcast “Breaking Ground,” producers knew exactly who to turn to for the theme music: attorney and mandolin expert Richard Michaud.

The longtime litigator, who started his legal career as a prosecutor of white-collar crimes and homicides, has been playing the mandolin and other stringed instruments since he first picked up a violin in high school.

Learn about Rich and the mandolin community here:


Music performed by Richard Michaud; Photos by Jeannette Riendeau and provided by Richard Michaud; Video by Jeannette Riendeau; Edited by Tony Marquis

Podcast: Creating Neighborhoods, with Jesse Baerkahn of Graffito SP

Jesse Baerkahn, of Graffito SP, stands for a photo outside the PRX Garage in Allston. (Photo by Bernkopf Goodman)

Jesse Baerkahn is an expert in real estate development and urban design. He’s been called a “city maker” by one publication for his company’s work which focuses on meaningful ground-floor programming. Most notably, he was one of the visionaries behind the revitalization of the Kendall Square area. Currently, Baerkahn and his company, Graffito SP, are shaping the way Bostonians live, connecting landlords to unique tenants from East Boston to Allston, creating exciting, new neighborhoods.

Breaking Ground host and Bernkopf Goodman’s Jeannette Riendeau caught up with Baerkahn to talk about his philosophies and the future of Boston, which he sees on the water. After the conversation, Breaking Ground talks with Bernkopf Goodman attorney Eric Allon.

To listen to the Breaking Ground podcast, click here: Breaking Ground Episode 1