Podcast: Creating Neighborhoods, with Jesse Baerkahn of Graffito SP

Jesse Baerkahn, of Graffito SP, stands for a photo outside the PRX Garage in Allston. (Photo by Bernkopf Goodman)

Jesse Baerkahn is an expert in real estate development and urban design. He’s been called a “city maker” by one publication for his company’s work which focuses on meaningful ground-floor programming. Most notably, he was one of the visionaries behind the revitalization of the Kendall Square area. Currently, Baerkahn and his company, Graffito SP, are shaping the way Bostonians live, connecting landlords to unique tenants from East Boston to Allston, creating exciting, new neighborhoods.

Breaking Ground host and Bernkopf Goodman’s Jeannette Riendeau caught up with Baerkahn to talk about his philosophies and the future of Boston, which he sees on the water. After the conversation, Breaking Ground talks with Bernkopf Goodman attorney Eric Allon.

To listen to the Breaking Ground podcast, click here: Breaking Ground Episode 1

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