Sidebar With Rachel Baime, Esq.: An Interview With an Exceptional Leasing Attorney

Bernkopf Goodman real estate attorney Eric Allon

Eric is a partner at Bernkopf Goodman, lecturer and author of numerous articles and LinkedIn commentaries. For years, he has provided an interesting perspective on innovation and trends affecting the real estate industry. He is being recognized in New York City this month as a leading commercial real estate influencer by Globe Street Real Estate Forum.

I sat down with Eric for my new interview series, “Sidebar,” where he chatted about being a Director at the Cambridge Community Center Child Care Program (Patrick Ewing played pick-up basketball games in its gym), his favorite beach to unwind, some of his most memorable lease negotiations including his work on behalf of Clarks Americas for its Americas headquarters on Route 128, and a few thoughts concerning the future of Boston real estate.

Listen to episode 1 of “Sidebar” here.

For further insight into the life and times of Eric Allon, see Eric’s bio with links to various articles and podcasts on Bernkopf Goodman’s website at

About ‘Sidebar’

“Sidebar” is an audio interview series hosted by Rachel Baime, a commercial real estate attorney at Bernkopf Goodman.

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